Welcome to the Highland & Lowland Brigades’ Club


The Highland and Lowland Brigades’ Club was formed in 2006 as a result of the merger of Scotland’s Infantry Regiments into The Royal Regiment of Scotland. Prior to that date, the Highland and Lowland Brigades’ Clubs operated as two separate social and sporting clubs.


The Club exists to advance the interests of its members, who will be serving and retired members of the Royal Regiment of Scotland and its antecedent Regiments. It will foster comradeship by promoting sporting, adventurous and social activities among its members and through Club competitions and competitions against other organisations.


The Highland and Lowland Brigades’ Club encourages four primary sporting activities; curling, cricket, golf and clay target shooting. Each activity is enjoyed by serving and retired officers and the Club has a full calendar of events throughout the year. The Club will also assist individual members with grants in the furtherance of its aims. For more details about individual grants and how to apply please look at the “Grants” tab.


Within this site you will have access to the Secretaries of all the main sports activities along with the latest news and reports on matches and members sporting endeavours.


You will be able to view the latest notices and announcements including the AGM Minutes and the Club’s financial accounts. For further details on any matter to do with the Club, you should contact the Secretary.


The Club cannot be held responsible for any accidents whilst taking part in Club activities and members should have suitable personal insurance cover.  The Club’s statement on insurance is shown on the Club Admin tab.


The following officers are eligible for membership:

  1. All serving commissioned officers of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, both Regular and Territorial Army.
  2. All retired commissioned officers of the antecedent Regiments of the Highland and Lowland Brigades, both Regular and Territorial Army.
  3. All other Officers not being eligible for election under the above paragraphs, including officers of ACF or CCF, may be invited to join on the recommendation of a member of the committee and subject to approval by the committee.  All such members will be expected to pay annual subscriptions.