This years Inter Regimental Shoot will take place Thursday 6 September 2108 at Auchterhouse near Dundee.  Those wishing to take part are kindly asked to contact Lt Col (Ret’d) Riddell on 07969 518173 or email randjriddell@gmail.com 


Below is the report from lasts years highly successful event:


Nine teams took part in the third annual Clay Target Shooting Competition at Auchterhouse near Dundee on Thursday 7 September 2017. We were joined by a team from the Merchant Company of Edinburgh who were guests of the Commanding Officer of The Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The teams gathered at 10 am and enjoyed a cup of coffee and bacon roll in the Club House before moving to the sporting layout to shoot on five stands. The winning team was the Merchant Company but the winning H&LBC team were the Highlanders who were also the winners in 2015.

The top three military teams were;

1st  – Highlanders: David Maitland-Makgill-Crichton and James Gray-Cheape

2nd = – Black Watch B: James Duncan Millar and Hugh Rose and SCOTS A, Maj C Lyne-Pirkis (RAMC) and Capt Zach Smyth (3 SCOTS)

3rd  – BW A: Hugo Cannon and Alex Reading

Teams from the RHF, KOSB, a BW C team and SCOTS B team (3 SCOTS) also competed.


Winners 2015 – Highlanders

Winners 2016 – SCOTS

Winners 2017 – Highlanders


Captain Axie Deck of the Black Watch/3SCOTS  (left) with Major Peter Burnett

James Gray-Cheape (left) David MMC and Andy Middlemiss watch Capt Axie Deck in the cage

Majors Hugh Rose James Duncan Millar and Torquil MacLeod having shot on the high tower.